Monday, December 05, 2011

December is for reflecting

I have mentioned that I am not sure if I will continue to blog.  There are several reasons behind the pondering.  One is that time becomes more and more precious with each passing hour!  Blogging used to be another creative outlet for me.  I enjoyed making banners and changing backgrounds and posting pictures... and writing.  But now I find it hard to get here a lot of the time.  I look on the right side and see my number of postings for the year and they are kinda pitiful!  HA  I also find it harder to take pictures like I used to... time... lack of!

I also have to be honest and find myself pondering the lack of comments a lot of time.  I mean, how can you read a post about hundreds of facebook people raising money... massive money... in 48 hours to bring home a child and say nothing.  It leaves me thinking several things... no one reads it, no one cares, everyone is tired of reading about orphans needing/finding homes, or no one knows how to leave a comment.  And honestly, I HATE caring about whether or not anyone leaves a comment.  But I do.  This blog has become an interactive blog and so crickets not even chirping sometimes makes me think I shouldn't even bother.

So then I thought about just enabling comments and not worrying about it anymore but then I am back to why bother?  I could use this time to write in journals and scrapbook and not worry about it anymore.

But then I LOVE to go back to 2006 and see how far Abby has come... how far the blog has come... how far our faith has come... how far God has brought us and all He has shown us and how He has grown us and it makes me want to continue.

So that is what I am pondering.  The honest version!  Because you know me... I love to be honest!
So I will continue praying about it and pondering and see what happens by the end of the month.
But in the meantime... if you are reading... and you do care... thanks!


  1. Anonymous4:57 PM

    I really do care, and do read your blog. It helps me keep in touch with my lovely family. :) I just never have the book with me that tells me my password so that I can sign in and


  2. I'm reading :). I'm not here as often as I used to be with life being so crazy, but I like getting to see what's going on in your world now that we don't live near you guys anymore.

  3. I read every post you write, but through Google reader. I'm sorry that I don't take the time to comment. I read so, SO many blogs that I just can't possibly comment on each one that I love. I have also just never been much of a commenter. I wouldn't consider myself a lurker, but I just don't take the time to click over from Reader and do it. I hope you're not offended at all. I care very much about your thoughts and love what you share. I hope you stick around! :o)

  4. Well, you know my thoughts. I love your blog. I love how honest and touching it is. I love to see the love you have for your friends and family and the orphans that you help find foster and forever homes for. I too don't comment that often, but you know I love you and your family. I think you need to do what's best for you and your family. But I know God uses this blog to touch other people's lives, but honestly your life alone touches people, just the every day things that happen in your life and the way you respond to them in such a Godly way, that touches people. So pray on it and make your decision, but know that God works in ways that only He knows about, so if you love blogging don't let lack of comments stop you. And if you've lost your love for it, then maybe it's time. Either way, we still love you!
    Oh & btw, did you know you can have your blog printed out into a book?

  5. From one of your chirping crickets, I love what you write and how you write it. Your words are very inspirational to know that our daily lives can be (and usually are) a challenge but that God is always in control. Something good always comes out of our challenges and heartaches/breaks! You and Abby are in my prayers...praying for lots of strength and understanding...

  6. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Dawn...I love reading your blog and keeping up with your family. I would miss you and your kiddos if you don't share....


  7. I am right there with you. It can be so disheartening to write and not know if one single soul is reading...and then, out of nowhere, someone will mention something you wrote months ago or they'll offer a prayer about a struggle I've written about...but, in the end, it's for the author. The words are to remind us where we've been and where we're going...and you are going to the greatest place of all. Love you.

  8. Although I haven't been as attentive lately due to my own crazy life ("Adventure" was the word that God gave me when He confirmed that we were to adopt older children, and THAT it has been.), I check in periodically when I want to see what you Sullivan's are up to and when I need a boost to get through another day. Your passion through your journey and your ability to be honest and real is such an inspiration. I look up to you and would miss you, but I know God trumps all. So I will pray for His perfect will for this. *Hugs* P.S. Want to go to Uganda or South Africa with me in May? I'm going to both and would love for you to join me.

  9. Christine2:50 PM

    Dawn.... I am very new to your blog. I have been reading it and watching it now for just a short while and I must say that, it brings happiness to my heart. I smile reading your words of life. I cry for you and with you many times. I have come to know your wonderful family and each one of their very own struggles in this life and feel so blessed to have done so. Your family reminds me that even when things look perfect , there are struggles even the most faithful of hearts go through. When I look around my own life and I try to see God , sometimes I feel like such a failure, lost among the disarray of things around me. I get a chance to sit down and read your words and smile and laugh with you and it gives me hope that tomorrow I will get another chance to do it better. I will get another chance to live God and share his love , if not only for a brief moment. I have found they all count. Please know that because of you, I have been praying and seeking guidance in major changes in our life. I have been seeking the Father on adopting a child to share our love and family with, something I had not even considered before becoming your friend on FB and reading with you on your blog. Know that you and yours are in my prayers here. For even when the light seems dim and the circumstances seem unbearable, He is always there with LOVE! Thank you Dawn for being such an amazing light in my darkest hours and showing me I can, when I really feel so defeated and think I cant!!! You are truly loved from one child of our Fathers to another!! Thank you!


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