Monday, July 25, 2011


My next post about Uganda flooded me this morning when I awoke but I need to post about Vladimirs today, the 9 year old child we are hosting from Latvia.  We are so privileged to be a part of the Project 143 summer hosting program.  It gives amazing opportunities to older children who need homes... who need love... who need forever families.

Vlad arrived while I was in Uganda and then it took several days to sleep and get back into some sort of routine so this hosting has been different for me than the previous two we have done.  It took me a little longer to get my brain back "home" and into the hosting that was already going on!

But Vlad is a PRECIOUS young man.  He blooms more and more each day and it is really a sweet thing to watch unfold.  I can not even try to imagine what it is like for these kids to board a plane, full of wounds and pain and fear and rejection with sparks of hope flooded with wonder and the unknown.

He has gone from making very little eye contact to making great eye contact.  He has gone from not making any attempt to learn, repeat, or try any english words to trying and even saying some on his own.  He gets along great with our three children and our little poof ball dog!

He loves to do things with his hands and is pretty active.  I guess that is very much little boy!  He had so much fun playing with floam the other day and made a flower, a house, a car, and a basket with eggs in it!  I was very impressed! :0)  He also likes to play Wii and bowling and boxing are his favorite games!

He also loves to swim!  He is a good swimmer and loves to race and jump!  Very much typical little boy things!! :0) 

And one of the most precious things about him is his desire to help.  When I am in the kitchen, he comes in and wants to help cut vegetables, set the table, grate the cheese, or clean up.  He also follows Don around in the yard or garage and help him do just about anything.  It is precious.  It really touches my heart.

So that brings me to the main reason of this post.  Vladimirs is available for adoption.  And he needs a family.
This is an alert for some serious honesty:  Don and I are prayerful.  We know we can not host or adopt all the children that need us.  We also know that God will lead us in His will as we seek Him and listen for Him and obey Him.  At this time, neither of us feel led or moved to adopt him.  Ouch.  That is kinda hard to say but it is the truth.  The only reason is that we don't hear God calling us to do so.  And THAT is what drives us... moves us.

But we are a part of the puzzle.  We are a piece of the plan.  And God has made it clear... we are a voice for these children.  We are a voice for Vladimirs.  And he needs a home.

If you are interested, please email me or call me. is my email address.
If you know of someone who may be interested, please share this post with them.
And please pray.  I know God has a family for Vladimirs.  I know there are major blessings getting ready to unfold.  And I know that pray moves the heavens.  Please pray for God's will to move in a manner that brings Him amazing glory and changes this precious little one's life!

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