Friday, January 14, 2011

I am moving. To this house. In Vermont. After I win it. From HGTV.  Will you come visit me?

I think I would never leave this house.  Maybe to venture into the beauty that surrounds it.  But never into town!  I stumbled across this yesterday.  I could win it.... really. :0)

This is the "gathering room".  Don't you want to gather there?  Isn't it yummy?

It's funny I came across it yesterday.  There is a longing in me to live somewhere with this type of beauty all around me.  How could you ever pull yourself from the windows?  I have a longing for this and another for the beach.  But there is this real pull in my soul to be in nature.  To live in it, breathe it, soak it in. 

Back to reality... I have pleurisy.  It's swelling of the lining of the lungs.  It feels as if my ribs are cracked and going to snap at any given sneeze, cough, or sudden movement.  It is pretty painful.  It comes along after being sick for months... coughing for at least a month.  It makes me feel broken.  Literally.

All this time, being sick and exhausted, has had me deep in thought.  It's amazing how many things God has already shown me.  And I know I am being broken.  It's crazy to get the physical brokeness to go along with your spiritual brokeness.  Makes it very real and apparent.

I feel this year is going to be a year of healing.  I am excited about it.  And I am sure that it will be a year of drawing closer to God.  I have never been attacked by the enemy so long and constant in my life.  Good things are in store for sure.

Who knows... I might even win a house.


  1. Um, that is MY house. I am going to win it. But you can come visit any time! ;)

  2. You silly girls, that is MY house :-) and of course you can come visit!


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