Monday, January 24, 2011

The beauty of growth...

I finished making a book on shutterfly today.  It's a gift for my family and for my parents.  It's a look back at 2010 for our family.  It's pretty cool.  As I was going back through camera cards, I came across pictures of my garden from last year and the beautiful food she grew for my family.  I suddenly missed her terribly.  I had an urge to run out and start turning her soil... just to let her know I am still here.  But she is resting.  And so am I.

As I looked at this picture of the most delicious tomatoes and peppers... I was smiling.  Their color alone reminds of how AMAZING they tasted.  It reminded me how I loved to walk out to the garden with my bowl and come back into the kitchen with her bounty and then serve it to my family.  She became a part of us... really... a part of my thoughts, my care, my time, my delight, my provision, and then my body and health.

My thoughts then came to the delight I had in taking care of the garden and simply watching her grow.  Before I was given the blessing of tasting her hardwork, I got to watch it and be a part of it.  I watched tiny little vines leave stems and reach out for support... and then hang on for strength and stability.  I got to watch tiny yellow buds turn into blooms that then turned into squash.  And I didn't just watch... I protected her, fed her, loved her, and helped her.  I planted flowers to keep out critters.  I gave her organic fertilizer to nourish her.  I watered her.  I placed her in the best sunshine.  I provided supports for her to lean on.  I picked out bugs and brought in walking sticks.  I fought ants with baby powder and cinnamon.  And I LOVED IT.

And so it hit me today, as I missed and remembered my garden, how our Father in heaven DELIGHTS in watching us grow.  How He DELIGHTS in being the source of our nourishment.  How He delights in feeding us, being our support, and giving us life!  How He DELIGHTS in seeing our fruit!  It really is so beautiful.

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  1. This is beautiful! I just realized how prophetic gardens have been in people's lives in 2010. We had our first one too :)
    I had numerous friends who had the sudden urge to plant a garden. And now I look at those families, they all have been growing in Him. This makes me smile :)



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