Thursday, August 12, 2010


We are back.  Don and I are still trying to soak it all in... the simple and extravagent beauty of the trip.

In one word, it was beautiful.

The country was beautiful.  The people were beautiful.  The stories were beautiful.  The survival was beautiful.  The cities were beautiful.

The weather was beautiful.  The time together was beautiful.  God providing was beautiful.
God bringing people onto our path was beautiful.  God's timing was beautiful.

Friends rallying around us was beautiful.  God reaching out to us in precious intimate ways was beautiful.  God using us was beautiful.

God's presence with us every where and at all times was beautiful.  The sky was beautiful.

Crossing the bridge into the tiny town where Taylor was born, entering her past,
and connecting the dots... was beautiful.  And coming home to our precious
waiting children and abundant life was beautiful.


Don's dinner one night... NOT BEAUTIFUL!
Head, tail, eyes,  AND TEETH... NO THANK YOU!


  1. You're very talented...beautiful photos! You're so very blessed, but I think you know that! :)

  2. beautiful pics..can't wait to see more! My kids were grossed out that anyone would have eaten that fish.."it's like the one we poke at at Whole Foods, mom" :-)

  3. I ate him... and I liked it :)


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