Monday, May 18, 2009

A Crib is Coming Soon...

We found out today that the adoption was not stopped by the birth father. After 30 days of waiting, that door is closed. It has opened the door for us to move forward in the adoption of our new little one!
After such a disappointment the first go around, and then staying in a "safe" place for these past 30 days... it hardly feels real that this is going to happen.
Our home study interview will be updated next week after we move at the end of this week.
We are hoping it will be final and in order by the end of next week and to travel to FL the beginning of the first week of June.
WOW. Please pray for his heart. Please begin to pray he will be able to see and feel our love for him. Please pray for him as his entire world is about to change. Thank you. We'll keep you updated!


  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    that is some GREAT news!!!!!
    what size boy clothes do you need? i can send some your way!
    erin a

  2. I have already been praying. Praying that this precious boy will be a balm to all of your souls. That he will be the sweet angel that you guys deserve. Love you guys!!

  3. AGGGGHHH!!!! My stomach is in my throat! This is WONDERFUL news! I will be waiting with breathless anticipation for more updates! You and little J have my prayers in the meantime :)

  4. oh wow! Sending lots of prayers that it will all go smoothly!

  5. Dawn,

    It will be impossible for him not to feel your love..there is so much of it! Congratulations and good luck..

    please come visit next time you are in VA..or let us know and maybe we can come up to VA to see you guys.


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