Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Precious Lodie and other things...
We had to say goodbye to our precious and most beloved Lodie in the earliest of hours of Sunday, March 4th. After putting Abby to bed Saturday night, I came downstairs to find her in some distress. After two calls to our vet, whom was having a dinner party with out of town guests, we had to take her to the emergency vet. At 12:05 a.m., we let her go.
For anyone who knows me, Lodie was my first baby. She was 14 and had just celebrated her birthday the week before. In her younger days, Don and I carried her everywhere in a doggie back pack. We took her roller blading, biking, camping, to outdoor restaurants and on our many, many, many visits to the Home Depot.
Her absence is so big right now. I miss so many things about her BUT, I am SURE she is one of God's favorites and she wouldn't come back to this dump for the world! I imagine her sitting right at the bottom of his throne, rolling around on her back and shaking all over... and Him smiling at her!
In other news... oh so much glee... contain yourselves... Abby starting having seizures again last week. She has been seizure free now for a few nights and she is on her medication during the day now too. It will be about another week before we get her to the dosage she needs. In the meantime, she has her MRI scheduled this Friday. My prayer request is that you pray for her to have courage and peace, that they are able to get a vein for the iv quickly and on ONE attempt, and that the procedure goes well.
She is such a trooper. Thank you for your love and your comments and your prayers AND friendships. Love to you all and hope your week is "blooming" with the amazing and fresh colors of Spring.

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