Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Winter Update
Here is a sneak peek into our last month. It's been busy and this is the "second" part to the other half I'll try and publish tomorrow. We went to Virginia for a much needed trip home. I have been so home sick this year. The trip was great in so many ways.

As a side note, we are very sad to say that Abby had a cluster of eight seizures this morning. My heart is broken and yet I am trying to cling to "hope" and God's promises. It's been since March of 2005 that we realized Abby was seizure free. This January will be two years that Abby has been on glyco-nutrition and was brought back to life.
She had been in bed with me for a while and was going back to sleep when I heard the long and very hard inhale she takes upon starting to seize. With my eyes shut, I thought that I must be dreaming. Upon opening them, I could see she was in a full seizure and my heart broke into a million pieces and my soul just started to weep. I held her and talked her through it and was just so thankful to be there. She was very shaken and unable to speak afterwards. Just as I started to get her calmed down, she went into another in my arms. She started crying while seizing, which she never did before, and so her awareness and fear of what was happening killed me. As I rocked her in my arms and tried to calm her after the second one, she looked up at me and cried, "Mommy, Abby's dying." After the 6th or seventh one, we saw she was clustering and decided to administer a drug called diastat to stop them and it worked.
This is brief and I do promise to share more later. I have so many precious and loving prayer warriors out there and so I ask for your prayers during this time. Specifically that we be guided to the right doctors and information and have the wisdom and grace that can only be bestowed upon us by the Lord. Also, please pray for Abby's peace. Pray that if she continues to seize, she will be filled with the comfort and peace from the Holy Spirit and her fears be calmed.
We love you all so very much. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

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