Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What's in your hand?
Friday night, as I went to help Abby brush her teeth, I noticed her two center bottom teeth didn't look right. One was hanging by a thread and the other one was "very" loose too. So upon touching the first one it came out. The second one took two attempts of "tugging" and was a bit more dramatic, but here they are... her first two lost baby teeth! Abby was worried the tooth fairey would wake her when she came to get the teeth. Then she decided she really wanted to keep the teeth. But in the morning she was thrilled to find two dollar bills and two little packs of sweet tarts... teeth, what teeth?

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  1. i had to make one of these blog things just so i could comment these... oh... the things i do for you.. lol. it's cause i love you. anyway, toothless abby... it's freakin me out. yeah, mom told me what she does when she's eating. that's hilarious!


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