Friday, September 01, 2006

Abby has three favorite babies that she wants to take everywhere. She strolls them, teaches them, feeds them, rocks them, AND DISCIPLINES them... the latter is a RIOT! Anyway, baby Emily has long been the favorite. Then I guess she felt Em needed a friend and so her larger baby, baby Jane, joined the club. Well... then she MUST have felt sorry for this precious baby her Grammy gave her... who... can't ever open her eyes, is stuck in an everlasting grimace, AND has a strand of hair that WILL NOT lay down... Oh, and she had not been named. So we bagan discussing names for this left out baby and I said, "Well she does have crazy hair" and Abby just about wet her pants laughing (love genuine, pure, and spontaneous laughing). So there you have it... she became "Crazy Hair" The funniest thing is she says it with all seriousness. In her nightly prayers, "Thank you Lowwrd, for baby Emily, baby Jane and Crazy Hair. If she is misbehaving at the table, "Sit down Crazy Hair, don't be naughty." Cracks us up!
p.s. Grammy... We adore Crazy Hair and our lives would be much emptier of humor had you not bought her for Abster!

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