Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done.  The things you have planned for us no one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare. " Psalm 40:5

It is simply beautiful, ornate, detailed, and awing... the way the Lord orchestrates our lives... if you let Him.  The more I learn to rest in Him, trust Him, rely on Him, obey Him and surrender to Him... the more He can take control and... well... show off!  And be glorified!

It is so divine that He impressed upon my heart the word "rest" for this winter.  See, I was searching for Him and, well, a theme for the winter since we won't be celebrating Christmas.  Yes.  You read that right.  We are not celebrating Christmas.  More on that to come.  So I kept hearing Him tell me "rest" over and over and over again.  Boy... He was trying to prepare me for sure... as well as give me the instruction I need to get through this winter.  When I see Him do this sort of thing, the intimacy I feel with Him grows so much.

We have just weathered a storm with Abby and her illness.  I want to post fully on that later.  But in a nutshell, she had almost 80 seizures in two weeks.  Needless to say, it was very emotional.  But I have to say that God was here... there... everywhere in this past storm and I am so thankful for the encounter.  I am blown away and strengthened by it in the depth of my quiet places.

I have been sick twice.  And I have listened to my Father and stayed in bed... rested.  Marc is getting sick for the second time and I am praying protection over Abby with everything in me.  I guess we are just going to have to stay at home all winter.  Seriously.  It's really ridiculous!

Taylor and Don are in Latvia for the LAST trip of this adoption.  When she enters into the United States this time with her daddy, she'll become a U.S. citizen.  Very cool.  She amazes me.  She is so special.

My husband had a big birthday this month.  We came home from the hospital with Abby on his birthday.  We'll have a "do over" for that milestone soon!

We also just had our 11th wedding anniversary.  I totally forgot it.  That's how fried my brain is.  I was writing in my prayer journal that morning and wrote the date and said to myself, "I think today is some one's birthday."  Just five minutes later, Don walks into the room and sits on the end of the bed and says, "Happy Anniversary honey."  I almost sucked my tongue down my throat.  I was stunned.  Have I really lost my mind that badly.  I am still heart broken... but do feel better as he confessed he had just remembered it the day before.

I feel turned inside out sometimes.  But I think that's how I need to be.  For now, I am going to blog again, a little.  I HAVE to share and give glory to God for HIS presence in this past storm.  And there are a few other things on my heart to share.  Thank you for waiting... for checking in on me... and encouraging me to take a break as long as I came back! 


  1. Sweet friend. Glad to hear the update. I wish I could get one in person though! I agree with the staying home all winter. We've all been sick too long. Its like it just keeps going in circles with us. I'm so over it.
    I love what you said about "rest" and its so funny, because I've been planning on getting that word tattooed on my foot. (I just have to get the courage to actually follow through with it) I don't remind myself enough to just rest in him and I know he wants me to so very badly.
    I love you. Hope you guys feel better.

  2. ok, you've got to fill in the details on not celebrating Christmas...
    not participating in consumerism? or not celebrating period.
    you might like this:

  3. Anonymous1:29 AM

    really an eye opener for me.

    - Robson


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