Saturday, November 11, 2006

Last weekend we went to Disney World! We've been wanting to take Abby since she's been better and this was the perfect time of year. Abby was so very cute and her genuine happiness to just be there was such a joy to share. She only had about two meltdowns (one on the flying dumbo's!) and was very good. We look forward to going again soon and taking her to Epcot!


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    I am so happy to see how happy and healthy your sweet baby girl is. Children are gifts from God and having a girl is so special. Soak it up, I know I do every day with my sweet angel. I just want to eat her up every day, it's precious!
    God bless you both!
    Your cousin,

  2. jaime4:51 PM

    Hey Dawn!
    I just finished reading your entire blog. I am so happy that God blessed you with Abby. The joy of being a Mommy is priceless, and I'm happy to know you get that experience. Your family is beautiful and I am truely happy for you.
    Your other cousin,
    Jaime :)

  3. You guys are too sweet. Thank you so much for sharing in our joy. I love hearing from you! Dawn


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