Monday, October 02, 2006

Camping at Flyrod

Don and I have not been camping since 9-11-01 and have been wanting to take Abby. We thought this might be the year and decided to do a "trial" run in the back yard. Abby was so excited and it was a great time, full of several distinct memories.
The weather was perfect, the stars were bright, and the moon perfectly placed in a break in the trees! Abby was so excited (igsited) about sleeping in the tent, she was ready for bed before dinner. We had brautworst, potato salad, dill pickles, and grapes for dinner. Roasted peanuts for a snack along with a large BAG of marshmellows. Two highlights... Abby falling in our yard, our large yard, and landing directly in a fresh pile of Dusty's latest offering (thankfully we were just steps away from running water and change of clothes!) and peeing in the "woods" (have to be as authentic as possible for true test of camping ability!!!!). She rocked!

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